Super Happy Pixel Dungeon
Hi, my name's Matt and I am a freelance pixel artist/animator.

I grew up with a love for point and click adventures in the nineties with my favourites including the Monkey Island series, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, King's Quest 5 & 6 and Broken Sword.

A friend introduced me to a nifty community based around Adventure Game Studio and, after trying out some game art, I realised I might have some potential as a pixel artist.

It took me a few years to really get going as I was in various levels of education but over the last 5 years or so I have steadily been improving my skills. I feel I am finally at a point where I can turn my hobby into something more.

So I present to you my portfolio which will be a mix of my own designs and those inspired by games, television and movies. Enjoy!

Please contact me at if you wish to talk to me about any work opportunities.

Message me here if you have any pixelly requests!
Super Happy Pixel Dungeon

We have now officially signed with the illustrious adventure game publisher Wadjet Eye Games, known for such gems as the Blackwell series, Gemini Rue, Resonance, and the newly-released A Golden Wake! We’re incredibly excited and honored to be working with Dave Gilbert and his stellar crew.
Look forward to a lot more news, screenshots, and other fun stuff in the coming months!
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Hooray! :D
How about a Screenshot saturday?  Something from our small upcoming adventure game, Shard.
More practice backgrounds in my spare time.  This time inspired by the Casbah district of Algiers.  A few people have said it reminds them of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis which makes me happy. ^_^
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I drew this from a random composition sketch I made a few months ago.  It’s meant to be a fictional hill town in Tuscany but I have drawn some inspiration from some places I’ve visited there. For example, the church in in the middle distance is roughly  the Chiesa di San Francesco, Lucignano.
Here is a sort of process animation of how it was made. It’s probably missing a great deal of steps but you get the general idea :D
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All of the portraits for Skylands (minus the main character) in some sort of super cool collage.
So our Gameboy Jam game is ready to play here if you’d like to check it out.  It’s sort of not as finished as we’d like it to be but generally we are quite happy with the outcome and have learnt some valuable lessons from the experience. We plan to improve it once the voting is over so watch this space…
Screenshot Saturday for our GameBoy Jam entry, Skylands,  that is due to be released tomorrow sometime!
Using 4 colours has certainly been a rewarding challenge!
My favourite portrait (of many) for our entry to the Gameboy Jam.  This game should be fun :D
Pug. That is all.
I tried to draw some Game of Thrones characters in this style I’ve been experimenting with while not taking too much inspiration from the actors in the TV series. 
I decided to doodle some sort of ancient city and got carried away with it.  There is more of the scene but I haven’t finished it yet but wanted to show what I had so far…
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Over the last weekend, I participated in the Indiequilt game jam with Pixel Spill, coder Christopher Jones and the musician Jordan Pearson.  I am quite pleased with the art style.
Our entry is called Blopathon and is available to play here if you’d like to try it out.
The brief for the Indiequilt jam is to make a game that lasts 30 seconds and has a win or lose condition.  Eventually, loads of games will be stitched together to form some form of giant mega game that will be sold with proceeds going to Child’s Play.
The jam is going on for another 48 days if you want to make something :)
This is probably one of the most detailed backgrounds I’ve ever drawn.  A fictional Renaissance Venice canal scene which would probably work well in an adventure game.  I need to stop getting carried away with ideas.
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A peek at the Central Park shanty town for Screenshot Saturday. 

I drew a new thing ^_^
Second part to this background.  I am thinking about turning this into a one room game at some point when I am not busy.
Check out the full image here.
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