Super Happy Pixel Dungeon
Hi, my name's Matt and I am a freelance pixel artist/animator.

I grew up with a love for point and click adventures in the nineties with my favourites including the Monkey Island series, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, King's Quest 5 & 6 and Broken Sword.

A friend introduced me to a nifty community based around Adventure Game Studio and, after trying out some game art, I realised I might have some potential as a pixel artist.

It took me a few years to really get going as I was in various levels of education but over the last 5 years or so I have steadily been improving my skills. I feel I am finally at a point where I can turn my hobby into something more.

So I present to you my portfolio which will be a mix of my own designs and those inspired by games, television and movies. Enjoy!

Currently I am working as a character animator for 'Quest for Infamy', a Sierra inspired point and click adventure game.

I am also working on Bit: Evolution as art lead and Edgar: The Great Victorian Adventure Game as a character animator.

Also, in my spare time, I am working on my own project 'The Man Outside'.

Please contact me at if you wish to talk to me about any work opportunities.

Message me here if you have any pixelly requests!
Super Happy Pixel Dungeon
This weeks character exercise.  It’s amazing how much more detailed you can make a character with just 5 pixels extra height.  I’ll have to start adding eyes soon!  Next week: 70 pixels :O
I’ve been doing stuff for TomSka and Pixel Spill recently so I thought I would share some of it!
I’ve started an exercise where I will draw a character 5 pixels (or more!) taller than the previous one each week partly in an effort to mesh my style with my friend, Hayley, a high resolution artist.  We plan on trying a one or two room game with this character to see how it goes…
Random mech doodles for fun. I think I will animate it walking at some point :)
Animation I did a while ago for the main character in Quest for Infamy by Infamous Quests.  
I made a new  avatar for my various places.  Reasonably pleased with it but I should probably do something with the shirt at some point…
I made this about 4 years ago for a background competition over on the AGS forums.  I think I’ve improved since then :) I still like the weird crystal thing though.  I’m glad I keep everything I have drawn over the years…
Testing out the 8 view walkcycle :). Courtesy of Drew for recording the animation in game.
Random doodles.  

Very delayed update as I’ve been quite busy with some other projects. Sadly I’ve hit a brick wall with writing for The Man Outside so I’ve decided to get some help with that.  I’ve also been recommended a musician that might interested in helping so yay.  Hopefully I will update much more frequently now.  In the meantime, have a little screenshot :)

Very delayed updates :)

Subway Station. Click to view an animation.

I felt like reblogging some early stuff from our game, Automaticity. Make sure to watch the animation :3
I’ve been very lazy posting due to being busy but I have another background for my little project. This scene links to this background that I drew a while ago.  Enjoy! :)
Starbuck and his Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica series. I might draw one from the reimagined series too at some point.
Also 150th post woo!
I wanted to show you guys an animated version of this scene but I decided to hold off as I think it will be much better in the final game with all the sounds and such.  Also for some reason I decided to take the screenshot while the main character was mid idle animation which is why she looks a bit odd.
I was chatting to a friend about silly ideas and decided to quickly whip this up.  I guess it could be a fun little story book or comic thing…
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